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Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Dudley, Solihull776722 April  2022
Jeffrey, Bridgend9971020 March  2022
Iain, Liverpool975712 March  2022
sarah d, Yeovil977929 January  2022
Roderick, High Blantyre97799 December  2021
Christine, BURGESS HILL997915 September  2021
Despite some doubts over the concept this indoor squirrel repeller seems to be doing the trick. Good quality product quickly dispatched. Recommended.
David, West Molesey77896 September  2021
Time will tell if the product works. Initial item was damaged but replaced very quickly and without fuss. If it works then ALL above will be a 10.
Anthony, Burntwood999109 August  2021
Excellent service
Peter, Dewsbury998930 June  2021
Seems to be working already, no signs of digging
Alan, Exeter987819 May  2021
Mainly early morning activity. Immediate reduction on installation but still reduced activity first thing
anthony, MERRIOTT910893 May  2021
Unbelievable! The device worked immediately, banishing the squirrels from my store.
Robin, OSWESTRY9910919 April  2021
Paul, Bardsey998917 April  2021
Very quick delivery. Price of item before VAT and Postage very good. Yet to catch a squirrel though! They seem smarter than smart.
Lynn, Lewes844610 April  2021
The trap did not work as the squirrels got into the cage took the food and when they left the trap shut
D F, Gillingham1010101010 April  2021
Have not used product yet as waiting to evict the little critters before we squirrel proof to prevent them getting back in. It is a work in progress!
mervyn, Wrexham88894 April  2021
Brian, Cambuslang10111028 March  2021
Vivienne, HITCHIN988913 March  2021
Roy, Fordingbridge88798 February  2021
After weeks of interrupted sleep due to a squirrel in the loft (turned out to be a rat), I installed this device in the loft space and it immediately had the desired effect of stopping the creature`s intrustion, allowing me to slip into the arms of Morpheus every night with no disturbance!
Roger, Poole9109911 January  2021
Easy to order and excellent delivery .
Jane, Richmond884814 December  2020
Alan, Crowthorne91071012 December  2020
Robert, Wotton Under Edge98896 December  2020
Awaiting to see if the device actually drives away the squirrels! They don`t seem to taking much notice yet
Graham, Aylesford77773 December  2020
wayne, harrow10991021 November  2020
plugged in fingers crossed
Richard, orpington1010101016 November  2020
Fantastic service from very helpful people will be purchasing more in the next few weeks
Brendan, Orpington989914 November  2020
Monicaaltina, Bedford89796 November  2020
I am very happy with all aspects of the service you provide. Delivery charge was a bit pricey but I had the option of free delivery. Product is easy to install and it appears the job is being done. Thank you and to a kind delivery driver.
Teresa, Winchester99891 November  2020
Hopefully it will keep the little `B` away.
Barry, Nottingham78879 October  2020
Trevor, Year89992 October  2020
I think it is working but a bit early to tell.
Mark, Worcester Park99991 October  2020
Arrived quickly and well packaged. Easy to set up in our loft. Time will tell if it works.
David, Dover Kent87581 October  2020
I will let you know if it works,Day 2 squirrels still here!
GWILYM, Cardiff877830 September  2020
David, Slough9109928 September  2020
Worked superbly in getting squirrels to `move out` of loft space
Abdul, London1077920 September  2020
Charles, glasgow772515 September  2020
Paul, Sidmount Gardens887710 September  2020
Too early to say whether the item is working correctly
Phil, Bedford99898 September  2020
Bought repeller unit in the Autumn and ran it off the mains to see if it worked. As the only time I saw the squirrel on the bird feeder was when I hadn`t turned it on, with the lighter mornings now I needed the solar power as he is up before I am :-)
John, Coventry88781 September  2020
rebecca, Ivybridge888827 August  2020
David, Wetherby989919 August  2020
Very speedy service.
robert, RAINHAM98887 August  2020
dont know if the squirrel cage would be better with a wire top and not a meatal plate so the squirrels can see inside from above
richard, Letchworth977927 July  2020
Been installed for just over two weeks and seems to be working although I do get a couple of Black Squirrels venturing on to the lawn within range of the device.
William, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE898918 July  2020
Ian, Wednesbury777113 July  2020
Debbie, Bury St Edmunds997911 July  2020
I set the trap and caught a squirrel within 1/2 hour thank goodness - we have been plagued with them. Released into local woods and the others seem to have taken fright and left the loft for now.
Gwyn, Slough99693 July  2020
Not sure how effective the Repeller is. Perhaps early days.... but surprising after 5 days - squirrels seem STILL too much at home in the garden. Perhaps increase to Band B is called for.
Barry, Melton Mowbray1088102 July  2020
ordered and arrived before I had time to open the tracking app.
Caroline, Presteigne999923 June  2020
Item arrived quickly. Using it to prevent squirrels chewing fuel line on my car! So far so good. Does seem to use batteries quite quickly though. Very happy.
Richard, Rowlestone109101022 June  2020
edwards, purley1010101017 June  2020
Christopher, Swindon999912 June  2020
Great website, easy to use and clear details on products. My purchase arrived in perfect condition and hopefully will resolve our squirrel issue. Would definitely recommend this website to family and friends. Keep up the good work.
Anthony Clay and, Hornchurch91091010 June  2020
Arthur, Ipswich887827 May  2020
Still waiting for it to work properly
antony, Bickley10991026 May  2020
A G, St Albans999924 May  2020
since i bought the repeller they have gone away i will let you know what happens if they come back. They went away before i had a chance to use it but i am prepared now. t
Ron, Nottingham888919 May  2020
ROSS, Kingsfold887917 May  2020
Roy K, Ripon999916 May  2020
Margot, Cardiff887911 May  2020
jennifer, Ickenham Uxbridge101010106 May  2020
Sudhir, Stanmore108896 May  2020
Roger, Leighton Buzzard97685 May  2020
Keith, Kelsall107584 May  2020
Clive, Corsham98893 May  2020
neil, Liverpool47772 May  2020
Robert, Ludlow987826 April  2020
Ina-Maria, Winscombe771723 April  2020
Susan, Brixham877711 April  2020
Not sure of effectiveness yet of indoor ultrasonic repeller.
Russell, Ash Vale777710 April  2020
Sandra, BILLERICAY75779 April  2020
KAREN, Birmingham99792 April  2020
Thank you for the indoor Ultrasound squirrel Repeller. Even under these uncertain times thd delivery of the item was quick. Pleased to say it has worked and has got rid of the squirrels in my loft. Thank you
Melanie, Plymouth97392 April  2020
Got rid of the squirrels for about 24 hours. They are still making a nuisance of themselves so not entirely happy with the product
raymond, Glasgow766726 March  2020
Averil, Maidstone975825 March  2020
Max, Liverpool887725 March  2020
Raj, Langley999923 March  2020
Brenda, Wallasey799916 March  2020
Thank you for chasing up my delivery
David, London877724 February  2020
Had a problem re using the unit and my query was speedily resolved with good information.
Roger, Seend889931 January  2020
Excellent value, easy to position and as far as I can tell has achieved its aim.
Linda, Walsall774720 January  2020
Put it in socket in bedroom but still had no joy with it decided to run a lead up to the loft and since we have heard nothing so we are hoping this has worked
Tay-Jarl, Guildford1010101011 January  2020
I have selected 10 for value for money in expectation of the item being on par with the experience from the point of ordering to plugging it in. Hopefully it will rid the attic/wall cavity of the unwanted lodger as soon as possible so no more stored belongings run the risk of being vandalised or nested in. I found the site informative and easy to navigate. Definitely recommended!
Joanne, St Albans9781010 November  2019
Amanda, Crickhowell585931 October  2019
First delivery items were damaged but replacement sent without problem and speedily. Contacted them several times for advice and they responded promptly and extremely courteously. Product very effective - so far no more mice waking me up!
Janice, Walsall10971030 September  2019
We understand it is a simple plug in device, however, would have expected some instructions explaining what the switches on the side of the device are for.
Janet, Waterlooville9910929 September  2019
Very good service with helpful Phone conversation
Salvatore, london1010101028 September  2019
Thank you.. I think the squirrel has finally gone! Thank you..
John, Leighton Buzzard777717 September  2019
Good seller
Stuart, Newcastle754714 September  2019
Angela, Warrington87784 September  2019
John, Banbuty687628 August  2019
Took a week to be delivered
David, Loughborough975821 July  2019
Robert, WHITSTABLE98897 July  2019
Robert, Falkirk777715 June  2019
Mr D G, Weybridge10991028 May  2019
Ultrasonic deterrent is very easy to set up. Now it's a matter of time to see if it stops those critters from pinching my pears just as they fully ripen. I'll let you know if it does the job later in the season.
Mr D G
norman, mansfield897924 May  2019
S E, Near Reading976823 May  2019
1. Operating instructions for the item are poor - particulary the graphics showing the different settings. 2. The plug does not fit securely in a standard socket.
Ian, Sheffield787830 April  2019
Solid satisfaction
Mrs J, Bath10991016 April  2019
Very please. Tenants had reported noise in loft so I assumed squirrel or other rodent, tenant tells me they've heard nothing since installation of Pest Stop and spraying around soffits etc. Now next door will be ordering LOL.
Mrs J

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