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Mains Electric Outdoor Squirrel Repeller

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Mains Electric Outdoor Squirrel Repeller is an ultrasonic device to deter and stop squirrels that are being a nuisance in your garden or outdoor space.

This unit can be easily moved around the garden or it can be permanently fixed to a wall or fence.

  • Covers up to 50 feet / 15 metres in a 60 degree arc
  • Works on a PIR [ Passive Infra Red ] sensory motion system with ultrasonic sound waves being emitted once a squirrel comes into the range of the repeller
  • Has 4 x inbuilt speakers for maximum output of the ultrasonic sounds
  • Powered by mains electricity and comes with a 32 feet / 10 metre electrical cable
  • Alternatively can be powered by solar power with the use of the Solar Power Kit for sale separately, please see below:
  • Comes with a ground spike and can be either ground fixed or wall / fence mounted
  • Inaudible to humans
  • Humane and harmless method of squirrel pest control
See below also our Battery Powered Outdoor Squirrel Repeller.

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