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Solar Panel Squirrel Proof Mesh

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Solar Panel Squirrel Proof Mesh will prevent nuisance squirrels from getting underneath roof solar panels where they could do a lot of harm such as chewing through the wiring.

This mesh will also prevent and stop birds from gaining access under the panels to build nests or where they could cause a mess with their bird poop.

The *netting* offers a traditional method of proofing against problem squirrels [and birds] and as it is 8" / 200mm high, it is not only suitable to protect the underside of solar panels but it is also of use to protect under the eaves of roofs where squirrels very often find a way to get into an attic, loft or roof space or where birds are trying to roost or nest!

This mesh proofing system is ideal for use on solar panels that have a lip / edge, but if your solar panels do not have a lip / edge, then our Solar Panel Squirrel Proof Guards are the best to use, please see below:

  • Made of galvanised, rust proof steel
  • Comes as a 98 feet / 30 metre roll
  • 8" / 200mm high
  • 1" x 1" / 25mm x 25mm mesh size
  • Can be cut down to size with wire mesh cutters
  • Held in place with the specially designed Clips for the Squirrel Proof Mesh, please see below:
  • Weatherproof
  • Humane and harmless proofing method to protect solar panels from squirrels and birds
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