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Grey Squirrels Wiped Out!

posted on 30 September 2020 in Squirrel News

Red Squirrels have been in decline in the UK for decades with the Grey Squirrel having become the predominant species.However there is at least one place where Grey Squirrels have been *wiped out* all...more info >>>

When Is a Pest Not a Pest?

posted on 29 May 2014 in General

A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place. Similarly a pest is only a pest if it's becoming a nuisance. Many insects, birds and rodents can be valuable contributors to the little ecosystem ...more info >>>

On Taking Care Of Your Garden Through Winter

posted on 21 May 2014 in Garden Tips

OK, so mosts pests - especially squirrels - tend to annoy you in spring and summer, BUT even when winter comes around, you still can't relax, because then it's the weather's turn to have a go at your ...more info >>>

How DO I Get Rid of Squirrels from My Home and Garden?

posted on 22 February 2014 in Pest Control Tips

To some people, the above image is that of a cute little squirrel - a positive symbol of nature. To other people, it's just a nuisance. If you fall into the latter category, read on - we have ways t...more info >>>

Squirrels Becoming a Real Nuisance in My Local Park

posted on 21 May 2012 in Squirrel News

Squirrels seems to have a good public relations agency, because they're always seen as the cute little rodent, bounding around looking to find a nut to put away in it's little storage compound up some...more info >>>

Red Squirrels in Danger

posted on 7 August 2011 in Squirrel News

Red Squirrel in Danger from Squirrel "pox" as new outbreak is reported in Merseyside.Please report any ill or dead Red Squirrels by calling 07590 745862 or email Keep upto d...more info >>>

Recruits hired for squirrel fight - BBC News

posted on 1 February 2010 in Pest Control News

BBC NewsRecruits hired for squirrel fightBBC News, UK - Jul 22, 2008Earlier this year the Scottish Government announced funding to allow the Forestry Commission to let four rangers be alloca...more info >>>

Black and White Squirrel Invasion

posted on 15 January 2010 in Squirrel News

Black squirrels are now starting to settle in the UK along side grey and red squirrels! Prevost squirrels are an endangered species and are black and white in colour Click here to read the D...more info >>>

Grey Squirrels threat to Songbirds

posted on 15 December 2009 in Squirrel News

A University of London Report has found that Grey Squirrels as well as Cats are having a detrimental effect on the SongBird population.The Report was commissioned by the Song Bird Survival Charity.Cli...more info >>>