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Squirrels Becoming a Real Nuisance in My Local Park

posted on 21 May 2012 | posted in Squirrel News

Squirrels seems to have a good public relations agency, because they're always seen as the cute little rodent, bounding around looking to find a nut to put away in it's little storage compound up some tree.

And yet, these cute looking critters can be real pests at the same time if they're in large numbers. That's the case at my local park. To be more specific, it's the grey squirrels that seem to be taking over the place. The red squirrels - whose numbers were always a lot lower - are nowhere to be seen now, bullied out by the greys.

There's something uncanny about seeing so many squirrels around the park now - it seems the park keepers are doing nothing about it - perhaps there's some bizarre directive from the council that put the grey squirrels under some special protection or something, but they need to do something before the park becomes carpeted with these little blighters.

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