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Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller

Our Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller is below this short description about Squirrels and how they can be a real nuisance outside in the garden either when they are trying to eat the bird food or when they are digging in the flower borders or vegetable plot in their search for food.

The main species of squirrel that causes problems is the Grey Squirrel which, in the UK, has taken over from the Red Squirrel by 15 to 1 and is generally regarded as a rodent garden pest. Grey squirrels are not native to the UK having been introduced from North America in the1870's to delight country squires and land owners!

We are now having to deal with pest squirrels on a large scale across the country and our Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller is effective in scaring off these rodent pests as well as watering the flower border, veg plot or lawn depending on where it is placed!

Squirrels are creatures of habit and so we would advise that in the short term [about 3 x weeks], you refrain from feeding the birds to minimise the food supply which makes your garden so appealing! Once the squirrels have been driven out, you can resume bird feeding and enjoy again seeing your feathered friends!
Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller
Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller is an effective device to scare off and drive away nuisance squirrels that are making a mess of your garden or stealing the bi...
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