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Squirrel Cage Trap

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Squirrel Cage Trap is for use either indoors or outdoors to catch live rodent squirrels.

This trap can be used inside the home such as in the attic, loft or roof space where squirrels may have gained access, or the trap can be used outside in the garden to catch live squirrels that are being a nuisance in your outdoor area.

  • Comes ready assembled and ready to use
  • Easy to set
  • Just bait the trap with peanuts or mixed nuts
  • Has a spring loaded door
  • Once a squirrel steps onto the trip plate to reach the bait, the door closes fast
  • Made of strong galvanised steel which is rustproof
  • Measures: 44cm x 19cm x 19cm
  • Re-useable, this trap will last for years
  • Humane method of squirrel pest control
Please note that the Squirrel Cage Trap should be checked at least twice a day to make sure that any trapped squirrel does not die of fright or de-hydration.

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